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      1. Film envelope
        Twisted Wire
        USTC Wire
        USTC Wire
        Shenzhen jiazhengxin Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in April 2003, is a combination of industry and trade, export both national high-tech enterprise R & D, production, sales and service in one, is the integration of winding line development Chinese solutions provider.The company is located in the most innovative and competitive city --- Shenzhen. More than ten years, the front-end based on electrical materials development and production, to meet customer demand, has received a number of practical technology patents, and enamelled line (LItz Wire) in the paint (USTC/UDTC, Wire), wire cable (MYLAR IRE) of wheat mature products, the successful development and production of a electrical material products of teflon insulation twisted wire, enameled wire, twisted square polyimide wrapping wire, self-adhesive three insulated wire and other series, multi species. Products are widely used in home appliances, electronic industry, medical equipment, wind power generation, and now in-depth d… Detail +

        Company NewsIndustry NewsExhibition News
        Access to a number of practical technical patentsThe enamelled strands (LItz, Wire) (USTC/UDTC Wire), making wheat (MYLAR Wire) cable based on the production of mature products, the success…

        The first "new kinetic energy, new materials & new trends" technology elite forum was successfully completed in Jiangxi, YichunBy the Yuanzhou District of Jiangxi city in Yichun province people's government and the Shenzhen jiazhengxin Industrial Co., Ltd. and jo…

        欣將赤膽酬知己 志寄高天雁一行--- 第一屆“新動能?新材料?新趨勢”技術精英論壇在江西宜春取得圓滿成功https://v.qq.com/x/page/a0505nm0kbp.html由江西省宜春市袁州區人民政府主…

        Professional technical team With strong R & D and technical strength, new product research and development and new technologies to achieve the forefront of the industry +
        Reliable quality assurance Realize the quality consciousness of all staff, realize the quality control before, after and after the quality management through systematic quality management, and ensure the product quality continu… +
        Perfect service system Professional service staff echelon, providing a full range of consulting and services to fully meet customer delivery and demand +
        Integrated solutions provider The use of technology and services has become a key part of the customer's new product or project material system, providing systematic solutions and technical service support +


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